- What We Do -

We are architects and we want to share our city with you.

We organise intimate walking and bicycle tours that are open to the general public. We also arrange private / customised architectural tours and itineraries on request.
Taking the form of a series of urban provocations, our conversations are straightforward and jargon-free exercises in story telling. Aimed at the expert-enthusiast, we want you to understand the 'why' of the city whilst exploring the most provocative and daring projects Sydney houses; works of architecture, public art and landscape that inspire and delight but also projects that reveal something of Sydney's grimy pulse. We are interested in ideas and in the drivers of city; the vibrant network of invisible forces - political, cultural, economic and environmental that give the city form.
Get stung by architecture. Sydney will never look the same again. We promise!

- SAW Walking Tours -
2 to 3 hours duration. From $35/person. Small groups

SAW 1 - The City: Sydney
SAW1 The City: Sydney
The city examined - with a focus on three wonderful contemporary projects including Renzo Piano's Aurora Place and Sydney's greenest tower.
SAW 2 - Utzon
SAW2 Utzon and the Sydney Opera House
A Jørn Utzon tour de force - Sydney Opera House examined through the lens of its author.
SAW 3 - Harbourings
SAW 3 Harbourings
Exploring Sydney's gritty, formerly-industrial western edge.
SAW 4 - Art, Place & Landscape
SAW 4 Art Place Landscape
Examining the city through its evolving attitude to its public domain.
SAW 5 - Modern Sydney
SAW5 Modern Sydney
Modernity and the city.
SAW 6 - The Track

Sydney's meandering George Street spine.
- SAW Bicycle Tours -
3.5 hours duration. From $80/person. Small groups.
Bring your own bike or hire one of ours.
SAW Bikes 01- Three-Suburbs South
SAW Bike Tour 01
Regeneration of the inner-city suburbs.
The suburbs immediately south and west of Sydney like Surry Hills, Redfern and Chippendale were once a cultural no-mans land but today are the centre of the city's thriving contemporary art, architecture and design scenes.
SAW Bikes 02 - Three-Suburbs Central
SAW Bike Tour 02
Transformation of the inner-city suburbs.
Exploring the stretch of land between Darling Harbour and Central Station where some of the world's biggest and best architects are flexing some serious muscle; Gehry, Nouvel, Foster, Koolhaas...
- Custom Tours -
Special requests and focused tours for large and small groups.
Custom, Group & Private Tours
SAW Customised architectural Tours of Sydney
If you have a special request, particular interest, professional angle or certain arrangments you need met - or maybe you're just really, really fussy then our Customised Architectural Tours are for you.
- Gift Certificates-
Vouchers/ Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

Sydney Architecture Walks offers gift vouchers / gift certificates for individual walking or cycling tours. 
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Things People Said
The Guardian's 10 Best Architectural Tours (in the world!)
"The most informative and enthralling guided tour I think I've ever been on"
tripadvisor review. October 2015
"My wife is an architect. I am not. As such, I am dragged to a ton of projects, lectures and tours that I would probably otherwise ignore. To my surprise, the SAW1 tour was wonderful - engaging, interesting and varied. [the guide was] personable, knowledgeable and generous. He talks about Sydney's history and how the past has informed the buildings of the present both through building codes and aesthetic and functional design decisions."
tripadvisor review. September 2016
"The discussions spanned from Sydney's beginnings to the contemporary to it's future which revealed how Sydney city and it's architecture was shaped and will continue to be shaped by it's history, geography, politics and so much more"
tripadvisor review. October 2015
"Knowledgeable, insightful and passionate.
The 3 hour walking tour exploring the regeneration and transformation of the inner city suburbs was utterly absorbing. Our guide was excellent - knowledgeable, insightful and passionate. The lively and interesting discourse was geared to architects and city -conscious people alike"
tripadvisor review. October 2015
"You make architecture accessible. You make architecture thought-provoking. THANK YOU!"
tripadvisor review. October 2015
"So much information, expressed with eloquence and passion. A new take on the who, what and why of some major landmark buildings. Not what I was expecting; although we were walking there is nothing pedestrian about this tour!"
tripadvisor review. January 2015
Sydney Architecture Walks
Urban-tours for aesthetes, city-lovers and for locals who love familiar terrain from a different point of view.