- What We Do -
We are architects and we conduct tours of Sydney that are open to the general public.
Aimed at the expert-enthusiast, our tours explore ideas through architecture, offering an interface between in-depth architectural knowledge and the wider design-conscious community. The conversation is driven by a set of themes and ideas aimed at decoding the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Sydney.
Taking the form of a series of urban provocations, each tour is a straightforward and jargon-free exercise in story telling. We want you to understand the 'why' of the city whilst exploring the most provocative and daring projects Sydney houses; works of contemporary architecture, public art and landscape that inspire and delight but also projects that reveal something of Sydney's grimy pulse. If a project is awesome we celebrate it; if it's rubbish we take note as we reveal the vibrant network of invisible forces - political, cultural, economic and environmental that give the city form.
Get SAW feet; get stung by architecture. Sydney will never look the same again. Promise!

- SAW Walking Tours -
2 to 3 hours duration. From $35/person. Architect-led. Small groups


- SAW Bicycle Tours -
4 hours duration. From $70/person. Architect-led. Small groups

- Custom Tours -
Special requests. Professional, student or social groups.
Any sized group (almost!)
SAW Customised architectural Tours of Sydney
If you have a special request, particular interest, professional angle or certain arrangments you need met - or maybe you're just really, really fussy then our Customised Architectural Tours are for you.

- Gift Cards -
Can be redeemed on any tour. Valid for 12 months

Tour Calendar
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We have just returned froma two-month winter break and will be adding dates to the program over the first week of August 2018. Stay tuned!

We have added a new tour - SAW4 - Transformation & Regeneration.
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Timeout "Sydney's Best Tours"
April 2018
"The ironies pile up in this excellent walk, led by Eoghan Lewis, who in addition to being a professional architect and Opera House expert is an inspired storyteller.
Lewis paints a picture of an eccentric man with a singular artistic vision; blinkered, self-interested politicians; and a project that saw the light of day through what can only be described as a series of miraculous misfortunes."

Sydney's Best Tours
May 2018
"After this riveting tour I'll never think of, look at or visit the Sydney Opera House in the same old way again. Not your average tour but an informed, fascinating, at times witty, and certainly comprehensive experience. Our passionate and erudite guide gave us real depth - geological, sociological, design, engineering, innovation, politics and more, ending with the poignant "return" of Architect Jorn Utzon. Did you know that, while he never came back to Australia, Utzon was directly involved for a second time (in the first decade of this century) and that those in the know can see not only evidence of this, but something of his original intentions in his later work? I didnt! Take this walk! I couldnt recommend it highly enough."

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Newsletter #15 - Christmas 2017

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