Articles - Eoghan Lewis Architects
House & Garden March, 2014
A Thoughtful Reno has bought new life to a Century-old Sandstone Cottage
Sydney Morning Herald February 2, 2014
Deft Design Helps Make Most of Cherished Home
Singapore Architect Issue 278, 2014
Small is Beautiful
ArchitectureAu January, 2014
Tempe House & Studio
Monument Issue 115, April/May 2013
In The Mix
ArchitectureAu February, 2013
Eoghan’s Holiday Project
Indesign live April 12, 2012
Walking the talk with Eoghan Lewis
DQ #45 April 2012
The Top Ten Forces and faces in Australian Design
Sydney Morning Herald May 28, 2011
Return of a Decade that Redefined Style
Australian Financial Review August 13-15, 2010
Sustainable Building Gathers Pace

Macarthur Gardens Education and Display Centre

Mernda Education and Display Centre

Architecture Australia
Suburban Curiosity

Architecture Review
Generation NEXT

Mix Magazine
Design for Disassembly
Future Forward Design for the World you Inhabit
The Sunday Magazine
Meet your Greens (1.8MB)
Articles - Sydney Architecture Walks
Sydney Morning Herald May 31, 2012
Spokes and Specs
Timeout Feb 05, 2012
Five-Suburb Sydney Derivé: Bike Tour
Sun Herald June 6, 2009
Walk on the Tiled Side
Sydney Morning Herald Oct 27, 2007
Sydney's Best Walking Tours
Sun Herald July 9, 2006
Construction sites
Architecture Australia July, 2006
Utzon effect
Sydney Morning Herald Nov 11, 2003
Genius doesn't mean pleasure
Sydney Morning Herald Sept 24, 2002
A sorbet for the jaded urban palate
The Australian Nov 2, 2001
Every storey a picture (140KB)
Lectures & SYMPOSIA
2013 Archifest in Singapore
Presentation by Eoghan Lewis on the topic "Small is Beautiful"
2012 Pecha Kucha Presentation as part of the Vivid Festival

2010 Australian Institute of Architects
Presentation by Eoghan Lewis, Domenic Alvaro + John Jacka

2010 University of Sydney
Lecture: The Nature of Things

2009 University of Sydney
Lecture: Recent Work

2009 University of Technology Sydney
Lecture: Mapping, Drawing, Diagramming

2009 Utzon [un]plugged
Introduction to Utzon's work and his 10-year collaboration with the office of Johnson Pilton Walker.
2009 Changing Sydney
Eoghan was chosen as one of Sydney's 100 Creative Catalysts 'honouring and exposing 100 inspirational and innovative Sydneysiders who have made a unique contribution to the city’s creative culture.' Lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art with Simeon King.

2007 Iron Architect
Live architecture-off for World Architecture Day, Customs House. You have 4 hours to house one million new people in the city of Sydney... With great friends Simeon King & Stefan Meissner.

2007 Out of the Box 3
Bus Tour through the suburban fringes of Sydney's new suburban developments by Eoghan Lewis.

2007 CtrlShift07
Recent Work + Ideas
Australasian Architecture Students Conference CtrlShift07, Wellington New Zealand.

2007 Royal Australian Institute of Architects
Presentation by Eoghan Lewis, Angelo Candelapas & Alex Popov

2007 MCA
Art & Architecture public debate with Eoghan Lewis, Davina Jackson, Joe Snell & Richard Goodwin.

2006-9 Darchcast Podcasts
Conversations on architecture with Eoghan Lewis, Joe Snell, Adam Haddow & Marcus Trimble.
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