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About Us

About Us

About Us

The Sydney Architecture Walks

We are friends, we are architects and designers and we love cities; especially Sydney. Since 2000 we have been sharing our passion and expertise through an evolving family of public and private tours on foot and on bicycle – seven carefully crafted urban narratives hidden beneath a guise of informality.

The content of our tours is historically informed, our context contemporary. If a work of architecture addresses the world in a sustainable way, we draw attention to it. If it provokes we take note. Like detectives gathering evidence in an unfamiliar landscape we tell the stories and explain the concepts behind the concrete shells, glass skirts and sandstone facades that define Sydney.

Through its architecture Sydney’s story unfolds.

Meet the Team


Benjamin is a big-city boy, aptly defined by the urban dictionary as a left-leaning “urbanite” and a self proclaimed “city-maker”. He has a passion for the way cities are made, how we live sustainably within them and how they are accessed and shared in a democratic manner.

Having practiced under local hero Philip Thalis for more than a decade, Benjamin has a keen and critical eye on the public domain and the way in which architecture, politics and society more generally contributes to and exists within this immense resource. Most of all he is excited about the potential for cities to be experiential places which enrich our human existence.


Eoghan is the founder of the Sydney Architecture Walks and principal architect of Sydney practice Eoghan Lewis Architects.

For him, the SAW tours are the public side of a private practice, an extension of teaching and a chance to ramble on about the things he loves. He reckons cities are society’s greatest cultural expression and a city’s architecture is there to be clambered over and talked (walked) about.


Sam spends his days and most nights making and dreaming all things architecture. His professional life revolves around residential projects whilst working on a doctoral thesis at the University of Sydney on history and its relationship with the often brilliant, but also awkward, brutal and misunderstood modern churches dispersed in and around our cities and suburbs.

Sam enjoys delving into architecture’s backstory; the personalities, the memory and the forgotten. Sydney has plenty of ground to cover, but also a chance to satisfy the inner futurist in him – excited and anxious by the shape of Sydney in the coming decades.