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Gift Cards

Quick Details

  • Can be redeemed on any SAW tour
  • Valid for 18 months
  • Tours led by practising architects

SAW Gift Cards make an awesome present for anyone that loves contemporary architecture, design and urbanism or for those that want to know more about their city through the eyes of a local architect.

The recipient has the freedom to book themselves into any of our tours over an 18-month period. We send them to you so you can forward them on to the recipient either digitally or physically.

What to do.

  1. Set the value of the Gift Card (minimum $50).
  2. You will be asked for your name and the name(s) of the recipient. You can also write a personal message.
  3. Let us know if you would like us to prepare a graphic version. This will usually be issued the same day but certainly within 48 hours. Prior to Christmas we will check orders regularly so you can be sure you will receive them with plenty of time before Christmas day. You can print the PDF or forward it on to the recipient and we also offer free printing and postage on our special paper stock.
  4. Pay with your credit card.
  5. If you want to use your DISCOVER NSW voucher then select YES at check-out and follow the prompts. Details on this program here.
  6. Check your inbox for order and payment confirmation. The Gift Card code(s) will be provided in your confirmation email and can be used immediately.

How Gift Cards are redeemed.

  1. Your Gift Card will have instructions and a unique code that can be typed into the “Apply Gift Card” box.
  2. The holder of the Gift Card can book on any tour.

What if I want to order lots of them?

This sounds like a nice problem to have. If you want several Gift Cards then best you email us directly and we will prepare them and send them to you with an invoice.

For each Gift Card let us know;

  • Who is this Gift Card for?
  • Who is this Gift Card from?
  • Message to recipient
  • Gift Card value


  • Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • No refunds will be given after sale of Gift Cards.
  • They are valid for 18 months.

Further Enquiries.

Email [email protected]

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